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This is an anti-zombie machine gun fed with 120 rounds of 7.62 mm. It is based on the Belgian FN MK48 and modified by Aegis Institute. With the THANATOS Blade System installed, the user can launch spinning blade as the secondary fire mode to clear enemies in a row.

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Adtype hot Compound Bow

Compound Bow is a hi-tech weapon equipped with 60 hi-powered arrows. Made with nanotechnology, Compound Bow shoots continuously and can do charged attack to deliver a critical, death-confirmation arrow to the enemy.

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Event MP7A1 Unicorn (Indonesia)

A submachine gun with 20 rounds of 4.6 mm caliber that posses an excellent fusillade. This limited edition is decorated with the legendary unicorn.

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Etc Fun Facts


Did you know that...

  • ...the default factions use the models from Condition Zero?
  • ...if you are selected as origin zombie, blood stain screen effect will appear?
  • ...the steel on Origin Regular Zombie's back can be found in Abyss map?
  • ...the spikes on JANUS weapons grow longer when the JANUS form is activated?
  • ...Spetsnaz has different stats than other default factions?
  • ...Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies is the only game in the series to feature Counter-Strike 1.6 weapons unlocked for all players?
  • ...the classic weapons takes the animations from CS1.6 while some of the models from Condition Zero and Source?
  • ...the BALROG Charging System of BALROG-V is deactivated when the user switches to other weapons?
  • ...Origin and Host zombies in Zombie Darkness share the same model?
  • ...BALROG-V's Charging System can also be activated by hitting the same teammate?
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