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New button Tomahawk Xmas

This is a specially modified version of Tomahawk decorated with Rudolph's horn and blinking LEDs. It is specially modified to celebrate Christmas. Its secondary attack can do knock back effect to zombies in Zombie and Zombie Scenario modes.

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Adtype hot Petrol Boomer

This is a special weapon to launch petrol bombs. When exploding, it leaves the traces of fire that can damage the enemies within the range.

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Event Horse Axe (Indonesia)

An axe with high damage, curved with the mighty red horse. Attacking zombies with the secondary fire can knock away incoming zombies in Zombie and Zombie Scenario modes.

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Etc Fun Facts


Did you know that...

  • ...David Black is Norman's AFC?
  • ...there are the faces of Light zombie and Heavy zombie on Frozen Terror's body?
  • ...Zim is the leader of Red Lizard Mercenaries and Norman was his most trusted comrade before he betrayed to Vanguard?
  • ...inside the Heavy zombie's body, there's a small sign showing "Copyright [2007] NEXON & Valve Corporation. All Rights Reserved."?
  • ...Earlier Counter-Strike Online regions have many default weapons sold in cash points such as Korea, Taiwan/Hong Kong, China and Japan regions?
  • ...Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies is the only title to provide all default weaponries for free to the American, European and Commonwealth of Independent States players?
  • ...Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies was a contrast to Nexon's statement about the game being exclusive to Asian regions previously?
  • ...TAR-21 is the only assault rifle that can be purchased for both teams with in-game point and does not have level restriction?
  • ...Skull, Balrog and Janus series are expensive if compared to other weapons?
  • can throw flashbang twice with 1 quantity of flashbang in some Zombie Escape map?
  • ...every New Lunar Year event, an animal-decorated submachine gun will be released?
  • ...the limit for ammunition is 200 in Zombie modes (300 with Strong Lifepower), no matter how much the actual spare magazine the weapon has in Original mode?
  • ...functional doors can be destroyed in Zombie PvP modes?
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